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Mortgage Lenders Billings MT

Welcome to Mortgage Lenders Billings MT. Do not let your low credit or low amount of cash hold you back from calling your mortgage brokers Billings. We will show you your many options and do the calling for you to the Billings mortgage lenders.

We have refinancing and home loans Billings MT of all types. We can find one to fit your needs whatever they may be.

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About Mortgage Lenders Billings MT

We do a great job at putting our first-time home-buying clients at ease knowing their dreams are attainable.

Sometimes buying a home can seem daunting and far of a reach, but we do the best job at reeling it back in. We help you see the future with bright and hope filled eyes.

We are proud to be chosen out of the many mortgage companies in Billings to work with you. We take care of our clients by doing the shopping and getting the best in all we can for you. We put an emphasis on this to make sure our clients know the value they are to our company.

Although we may know what type of loan will best suit you, we still always make sure to show you your options. We want every client to feel comfortable and confident in the decision with their mortgage. We know this is something that is not taken lightly and we are willing to take the time needed with each of our clients.

We can be trusted with your finances, information, and thoughts. We love when clients are open with us about how they are feeling about the mortgage amount, and the rate we give them.

We want to please our clients and want them to come back in the future. We take care of their needs as long as they share them with us.

Why Choose Us?

You will want to choose us as the “mortgage broker near me” you find. We will look through all the home loan companies to find the best mortgage lender for a jumbo loan. What is so special about us as a company?

  1. We have every option of loan type
  2. We explain every loan type in detail for you to understand
  3. We do the research for you to get the best deal you can
  4. We have worked with many types of clients for many years
  5. We take time and invest in each client and their situation
  6. We work with every type of individual.

We not only work with clients with a large amount of money for a down payment and a high mortgage to finance. We also work with those clients that have no money for a down payment and a much smaller amount to finance.

This is not a new gig for us. We have been doing this for many years. We have seen the way that rates fluctuate and know where to get the best ones.

Call us today if you want not only the best rates for your mortgage but also the best customer service. We provide each client with both of these every time.

Purchase A Home

First-Time Home Buyers

There are different options out there for you as a first time home buyer that makes buying your first home more affordable. You will save money on a lower down payment if that is what you want to do. You also will not need to have as high of a credit score with many of the first time home buying programs. This brings much hope for many people.

Experienced Homeowners

As an experienced homeowner, you may only qualify for one type of loan when purchasing a new home. Even if that is the case, you will still want to shop around mortgage companies in Billings to make sure you can get the best rate possible. As your mortgage broker Billings, we can help you do the research and find a great rate for you.

The Process

When buying a home there are a few steps in the process. You will first want to think about your finances. What can you afford logistically, and what are you comfortable to afford? You will want to shop around to find the “mortgage advisor near me” that will best fit your personality and needs. There are many mortgage companies in Billings, so you will want to narrow it down to one Billings mortgage company that you want to work with.

Refinance Your Home

Change Your Rate To Reduce Monthly Payment

There is one main benefit of finding good Billings mortgage lenders that will give you great interest rates. This is the benefit of lowering your monthly payment. Over time from paying your loan off, and making more money, your credit score will increase. Due to this, you will most likely be able to qualify for a much lower interest rate than you started out with.

Get Cash From Your Home’s Equity

Another great advantage to finding the “best mortgage broker near me” to refinance your home is to take out a large amount of cash. This is a great option if you have large purchases to make or other large debt to pay off.

The Process

Do not worry about how to find a mortgage broker. Use us and we will find you the best mortgage lenders in Billings. We will not only find you the best lenders, we will specifically find you the best mortgage refinance companies. Home loan brokers will want to see your credit history and score, and your financial goal. You will then go through the steps of finding the mortgage broker Billings that will meet your needs and go from there.

Loan Programs

There are many options for what to do with VA loans along with many other types of loans. We have the best construction loan lenders that we work hand in hand with for your construction loan. All the “mortgage companies near me” that you may have found offer different mortgage rates and offers.

VA Loans

These types of loans can sometimes help in making buying a home easier. There are special refinancing options that are available for veterans. You may be able to cash out your home equity with a VA loan without paying for private mortgage insurance.

FHA Loans

As a first time home buyer, there is a perk in getting an FHA lender for your first loan. You get to keep more cash in your pocket because of the very low down-payment options with FHA loans. You also do not need to have as high of a credit score to get approved for an FHA loan billings.

USDA Loans

If you have a lower income than the average American we can help you find a Billings mortgage company that does USDA loans. Billings mortgage companies that offer USDA loans often do not need you to pay a large down payment. This is one of the greatest perks of a USDA type of loan.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are the type of loan most people use for the typical home loan. This is the type of loan that all home loan lenders offer. These loans come with many lengths of mortgage rates. 30 year mortgage rates or 15 year mortgage rates are the most common that people get.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are loans that construction loan lenders look at as high risk. Because of this, the interest rate is usually higher than other loan types. You can use this type of loan to build your house, buy the property, and have money for unexpected costs that may come up during building.

Jumbo Loans

Do you have something very large to finance? Many of the “home lenders near me” and “mortgage lenders near me” that you find will not finance over a certain price point. This is the point in which you need to find mortgage lenders Billings MT that will do jumbo loans. This is a loan that finances much more than the usual loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

With an adjustable rate mortgage, the one main thing is the interest rate. It is fixed for a period of time and then it varies throughout the rest of the time you have the loan. People choose to go with this type of loan much of the time. This is because the interest rate often time starts out much lower than a loan with other fixed Billings mortgage rates.

Reverse Mortgages

There are a few reasons that you may look into getting a reverse mortgage. One would be to get the equity from your home to use for buying another home. Another reason is for people to retire early. Another reason is to use the money from your home equity to start a new business or career without taking out a business loan.

About Billings Montana

There are many scenic spots in Billings MT. The population here is near 110,000 and is the largest city in Montana state. We have had such rapid growth here since 1882.

We are very large in trade and distribution. Our economy is strong because we are so large in retail and with us being the largest city in Montana many people come here to shop.

We get a lot of big events to come here to Billings because we have the hotels to host people. Our winters and summers are both dry. We do get hot summers and cold winters. Although it does get cold, we do not get much snow at all.

Billings Montana is surrounded by these other beautiful cities:

  • Laurel, MT
  • Shepherd, MT
  • Park City, MT
  • Huntley, MT
  • Ballantine, MT
  • Pryor, MT
  • Molt, MT
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still buy a house if I do not have the best credit?

Yes. If you do not have the best credit that is okay because we have the best home loan lenders for you. We even will find the best company to refinance home if that is what you are wanting to do. There are programs out there that make buying a home an option even will low credit.

How do I know what refinance rates are?

To find out the current mortgage rates you will need to give us a call. You may be able to find general rates online but to get a specific answer for you give us a call. We will give you different options for different mortgage interest rates you could get. Some mortgage companies can give better Billings mortgage rates than others.

Are all brokers a licensed mortgage broker?

Yes. In order for a mortgage broker to do their job, they must have their license. This is something to make sure of. You will want to double-check when you are looking to work with a mortgage broker Billings.

What is the best type of loan to get?

There is no one-loan-fits-all. Needs vary from person to person and from situation to situation. Call your mortgage brokers Billings to see what type of loan would be best for your situation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Although we asked so many questions, we still got all the financing we needed. It was a great price and we worth all the time and attention we put into it.

Hannah G.

Our broker took the time we needed to answer our questions and make sure we understood every part of our plan. We felt confident walking away from our meeting and have been happy with our service.

Madison L.

We were unsure about getting a reverse mortgage but it has paid off very well for us. They were very kind and thoughtful of our needs. We have been able to do many things we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.

Beckham G.

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